Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweater Refashion

The other day I got dressed and I was in jeans and a white tee. It felt a little uncomfortable because I have gained back a few of the pounds that I lost :(. Any who........... It was also a little chilly that days so I started looking through my closet...... I found this sweater that I haven't worn in years. So here is how I updated it :).

I started by cutting out the shirt part.

Then I gathered some black grosgrain ribbon, (I know it seems like I do that a lot, but if you only knew how much ribbon I own)

After gathering the ribbon I sealed the edges with a lighter. Then pinned them to the front of the sweater.

I stitched the ribbon down.

I added the flower, I did this on a pin so that I could remove it, if I wasnt wearing red. To see a tutorial on how to make this kind of flower click here (a girl with a glue gun).

Now I was ready for the day and only took about 20 minutes.


Krista said...

How cute, I love it! It looks brand new now.

Jane said...

What a fun transformation! Share some of the talent, would you?!?!? The sweater looks great!