Thursday, March 17, 2011

I need help!!!

I need some help, remember Mia and Tia? Well I finally decided what I am doing with Tia. She is staying right here. She fits perfectly between the sofa and love seat, it is really nice to have a little table there to set a drink or the remotes. So here is my dilema.................. She really needs refinishing/painting. I don't think sanding and staining would work very well. So you have seen my hutch... Navy Blue. My walls are red and fragrant coriander,(if you look in the top picture you can see the color in the back, I just dont really know which color to use to describe it). So I am trying to decide what color to paint her in, here is what I am thinking................

Navy blue like my hutch
Krylon's Leather Brown

Krylon's Sesame shimmer (it is a brushed metalic)
Take a minute and vote on what color you think :)


dgmthrof4 said...

if it were me, I would vote for the darker colors so it would pop off the walls and be noticed, she is a beautiful table. :)

Jane said...

I can't decide, but I am excited to see the finished product, I am sure it will look great! (sort of leaning toward the leather brown but I am really indecisive)