Thursday, March 31, 2011

Recipe Reviews

I try to every week plan out a menu for the week to come. Some times it happens and sometimes it doesn't. I like to get a lot of recipes online. So here is what I am thinking, When I try something new or not so new I will post a link to the recipe and a review of what my family thought about it and why. Would you like to see this? Give me an opinion. That being said I made these cookies I found the recipe at Mels Kitchen Cafe. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I liked the amount of peanut butter in them I actually made a pan without the chocolate chips for Rip (the hubby). The family fought over those. I normally like a lot of chocolate chips in my cookies but I think I liked the ones with out better. Either way I will be making these again. After I restock the peanut butter :)

Whoooooo do you love?

So my wonderful friend Liz is having a baby, my wonderful friend Liz is also moving :(. I am super happy and super sad. I decided I wanted to make something for her. I have a few blanket making skill so I decided that is what I was going to do. I went to the fabric store and was just kinda poking around not really sure what I was looking for when I saw.......... This owl material. I was in HEAVEN!!!! Within 3 minutes I had found 3 other fabrics to go along with it. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I got home and made up a few quilt plans.... and the one I was going to do didnt end up working out. But I am still super happy with what came out in the end.
Then to make things even better I had some material leftover and the perfect color towel down in my supplies. So I made her a hooded bath towel to go with it.

Okay so my head is going to get a little big right here............ She loved it so much that she says she is going to pattern the whole nursery around the blanket!! I knew I loved this girl!!! So enough talking. Do you want to see the blanket?????? Here it is :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I need help!!!

I need some help, remember Mia and Tia? Well I finally decided what I am doing with Tia. She is staying right here. She fits perfectly between the sofa and love seat, it is really nice to have a little table there to set a drink or the remotes. So here is my dilema.................. She really needs refinishing/painting. I don't think sanding and staining would work very well. So you have seen my hutch... Navy Blue. My walls are red and fragrant coriander,(if you look in the top picture you can see the color in the back, I just dont really know which color to use to describe it). So I am trying to decide what color to paint her in, here is what I am thinking................

Navy blue like my hutch
Krylon's Leather Brown

Krylon's Sesame shimmer (it is a brushed metalic)
Take a minute and vote on what color you think :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweater Refashion

The other day I got dressed and I was in jeans and a white tee. It felt a little uncomfortable because I have gained back a few of the pounds that I lost :(. Any who........... It was also a little chilly that days so I started looking through my closet...... I found this sweater that I haven't worn in years. So here is how I updated it :).

I started by cutting out the shirt part.

Then I gathered some black grosgrain ribbon, (I know it seems like I do that a lot, but if you only knew how much ribbon I own)

After gathering the ribbon I sealed the edges with a lighter. Then pinned them to the front of the sweater.

I stitched the ribbon down.

I added the flower, I did this on a pin so that I could remove it, if I wasnt wearing red. To see a tutorial on how to make this kind of flower click here (a girl with a glue gun).

Now I was ready for the day and only took about 20 minutes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More St. Patricks

(I couldnt get a good shot the glitter kept reflecting the flash)
So what can I say... I have become a craft addict. My husband can tell what kind of day I have had by what new decoration or craft is out when he comes home. No new craft/project= bad day. New craft/project= good day :). It gets even better when I can make something out of stuff I already have. This makes the hubby happy!
So I had the hubby cut some leftover 2x4 pieces into about 3 1/2 inch blocks. I painted the blocks green. I only painted the front, top and sides. It ended up with them being slightly different heights. Don't you just love it when you kinda mess up because you weren't paying attention and it totally works to your advantage!! So after I painted them green I cut pieces of scrapbook paper to about 1/4 inch smaller than the block itself and glued them on.

I used my cricut to cut the letters. I glued said letters on. I used Mod Podge on top of it all and while it was still wet sprinkled a little stripper dust aka irredecent glitter. AND.....

SUSHA!!! (what my 2 year old says when he wants to say TA DA) You have a darling St. Patty's day decoration for no money out of pocket. I think today is a good day :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A stitch along

I saw this cowl scarf and I wanted it!!! I crochet so I decided to go for it. I made it in about 2 hours and it was fun. Mine ended up bigger than the one shown but not bad for my first actual crochet pattern. Want to make it too? Click here for step by step instructions.
I like theirs better but you know.... What can I do? OOOH! I know make another one :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I love St. Patrick's Day!! I have always had a fascination of the Irish people and culture. I always said if I went on a mission (for my church), that is where I wanted to go! My little brother was LUCKY to serve there. Thus deepening my love of Ireland. Plus as I have worked on my genealogy I have found that we have plenty of Irish blood. A lot of others too! So because of this I don't feel like a complete poser in my love of all things Irish. So in honor of the man who drove the snakes from Ireland here is my St. Patrick's decorations.

This is my entry table and what a better way to welcome someone to your home by saying "Failte" (fall-sha) it means welcome in Gaelic.

Next I added some green flowers to my pitcher that resides permanently on the table. I found these at the dollar store :). I felt like something was missing and so I decided to get a little creative.

The frame is from a picture that had a print and a lovely 90's matte. Just not anything I would use but for some reason hang on to it:) Glad I did!! So off came the back and picture and out came the glass.

I painted it white using acrylic paint because it was to cold to spray paint. Then I glazed/antiqued it with Valspar glaze in asphalt black.

Once that was dry I took some wire and wrapped it around the frame going both vertical and horizontal. Twisting the ends together. Sorry there are no pictures of that part because it was taking both of my hands to keep the wire together.

I took some chip board (that thick piece that usually comes when you but a pack of paper) and traced some 3 hearts onto it. I cut them out (free handing the stem) and painted them green.

After the paint was dry I mod podged it

and sprinkled it with an iridescent glitter, (aka stripper dust :D).

Once all that was dried I tried gluing the centers of the hearts together with a glue stick this didn't work so well so I poked some holes and used some leftover wire to attach them all together. Then I attached my shamrock by slipping one of the wire ends from the frame through the loop on the back.

I have all these white pillar candles leftover from some center pieces from a birthday party. The rosette is made with green crepe paper. I thought about covering the whole candle but after 1 flower I decided I was done.

The wreath supplies all purchased at the dollar store :)

I embroidered these a couple of weeks ago and now can't decide what to do with them. Frame them? Make them into pillows? I want to do something fun and new, any suggestions?
This is my first Link Up!! CSI challenge "Go Green"