Thursday, March 3, 2011


I love St. Patrick's Day!! I have always had a fascination of the Irish people and culture. I always said if I went on a mission (for my church), that is where I wanted to go! My little brother was LUCKY to serve there. Thus deepening my love of Ireland. Plus as I have worked on my genealogy I have found that we have plenty of Irish blood. A lot of others too! So because of this I don't feel like a complete poser in my love of all things Irish. So in honor of the man who drove the snakes from Ireland here is my St. Patrick's decorations.

This is my entry table and what a better way to welcome someone to your home by saying "Failte" (fall-sha) it means welcome in Gaelic.

Next I added some green flowers to my pitcher that resides permanently on the table. I found these at the dollar store :). I felt like something was missing and so I decided to get a little creative.

The frame is from a picture that had a print and a lovely 90's matte. Just not anything I would use but for some reason hang on to it:) Glad I did!! So off came the back and picture and out came the glass.

I painted it white using acrylic paint because it was to cold to spray paint. Then I glazed/antiqued it with Valspar glaze in asphalt black.

Once that was dry I took some wire and wrapped it around the frame going both vertical and horizontal. Twisting the ends together. Sorry there are no pictures of that part because it was taking both of my hands to keep the wire together.

I took some chip board (that thick piece that usually comes when you but a pack of paper) and traced some 3 hearts onto it. I cut them out (free handing the stem) and painted them green.

After the paint was dry I mod podged it

and sprinkled it with an iridescent glitter, (aka stripper dust :D).

Once all that was dried I tried gluing the centers of the hearts together with a glue stick this didn't work so well so I poked some holes and used some leftover wire to attach them all together. Then I attached my shamrock by slipping one of the wire ends from the frame through the loop on the back.

I have all these white pillar candles leftover from some center pieces from a birthday party. The rosette is made with green crepe paper. I thought about covering the whole candle but after 1 flower I decided I was done.

The wreath supplies all purchased at the dollar store :)

I embroidered these a couple of weeks ago and now can't decide what to do with them. Frame them? Make them into pillows? I want to do something fun and new, any suggestions?
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Meg said...

Very cute Carrie, I had know idea you had this blog. Im glad I found it. We should get to gether and share craft ideas. I have so many I just need warm weather!!

Stacey said...

I love the Irish too and also have a weird fascination with them as well! I keep trying to decide if I'm going to do anything for St.P day...
I love your embroidery! it's so charming. you could frame them or thumb tack to canvas, mount them to wood, or hang them raw with clothes line clips?
just ideas
p.s. have you done a post on your famous donuts yet? I really want the recipe and to learn how do to them!