Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy for Corn

So in our house we are a little crazy for corn. Well at least Lilly is, she even has a corn dance! There is a local produce stand run by a family named Schmidt. My family has known this family for years and has been buying their corn for years. I HAVE NEVER HAD BETTER CORN!! I introduced my next door neighbor to it and she would agree. It seems though the season for which this delectable treat is short. So a few years ago I had bought their 3 dozen ear bag for a gathering that was cancelled. What was I to do with all this corn. So a quick phone call to Mrs. Schmidt and I had a plan. So here is how to preserve this fantastic corn for all year round that tastes super fresh.

1. Husk or Shuck all your corn and wash it.

2. You are going to wash it and try to get as much of the silk off as possible.

3. You are going to boil corn in a covered pot for 2 minutes.

4. Put corn in an ice water bath. Not sure what this does other than cool it quickly.

5. Cut the corn off the cobs, or leave it on if you would like. I cut it off for space reasons and I use it in soups and other dishes throughout the winter.

6. Put corn in ziplock freezer bags. I have started using a straw to remove all the excess air from the bag and freeze.

When you want to use your corn you can put it in a bowl and microwave it for about 3 minutes. Or even do it in the bag, but you will have to watch the bag because it will build up steam and explode :). I hope the first installment of food storage homemaking has been helpful.

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Callie said...

I do have to agree, Schmidts is the BEST! When my dad would visit from Texas during the summer we always had to make a special trip for him. (I'm accessing your account with my hubby's computer, mine is from work so it might be blocking me) Thanks for the tips!