Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh My Goodness, Oh my Goodnes!!!

I am so excited I think I just might pee my pants!!!  Well not really but I am super excited.  I have found some great pieces of furniture to refinish for great prices.  Well on Thursday night I saw this posting on KSL for an antique medicine chest for free.  She asked for calls between 9-3 the next day.  I was so all over it.  I left the window open so at 9 I could call her and claim this lovely piece for my very own.  Fate had different plans however I woke up Friday morning at 3 with the stomach flu.  YUCKY, can I just say that is the worst stomach bug I have had in years and maybe my whole life!!  I was super sad when I looked again and it was gone.  There was another piece I thought my mom would like so I sent the link to her.  So Saturday the chest was back up!!!  I was so excited, I called her and it was spoken for but she said if she didnt hear back from the lady the were both mine.  Later that day my mom swung by took a peek and liked the piece I saw for her.  So that afternoon the lady hadn't called back and my dad and Lance went to pick up our cool new pieces.  I forgot to tell Lance the medicine chest was mine so it got delivered to my sisters basement for storage :(  So that is why there are no pictures but I am super excited, I havent seen the piece in person but I am told buy the handsome hubby that there is a lot of potential in it :)  Lance found a newspaper in great condition from July 3, 1937.  He wanted to throw it out, I said heck no!!!! 

So that is my big long story about how excited I am to have an antique piece of furniture that I have no idea where it is going to go or how I am going to refinish it.


*Ashleigh* said...

Annie! yeah, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Hahaha, you are the first person who quotes movies as much as I do! Hahaha, looking forward to seeing what you will create with the "new" furniture!

Briann said...

you SO need to help me when I move to find some great things and I will pay you to refinish them or help me do them