Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!!!

Today is my most wonderful, handsome, thoughtful, generous, good looking, sweet, hot Husband's birthday. Since he is turning 30, I made a list of 30 things you might not know about him.

1. He doesn’t like chunkies in his ice cream

2. He doesn’t usually use nicknames

3. He is very shy

4. He is an excellent defenseman in roller hockey

5. He doesn’t like chocolate (unless it’s the good Swiss stuff)

6. He loves rice crispy treats

7. He is 9 months younger than me.

8. He stuck his foot through his mom’s hutch glass while trying to use the hutch as a balance beam

9. When he was 3 his parents had to padlock the fridge door.

10. He broke the padlock on the fridge door.

11. He love cheese but if he eats a sharp or aged cheese his cheeks turn red.

12. He got his degree from Weber State but only went on campus to graduate.

13. Every night he is home he reads to Lilly at bedtime.

14. He takes the kids out on their birthdays for a Daddy Date.

15. I believe he is 18th of 36 grandkids on his dad’s side.

16. His first name is Gordon

17. He doesn’t watch sports on TV.

18. He likes playing strategy games like: Settlers of Cattan, Carcassone and Ticket to Ride.

19. He still has all his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys.

20. He still has all his legos in their original boxes.

21. He talks in his sleep and says really funny things

22. He has traveled outside the US to: India, Singapore, Germany and England.

23. He has driven on the Autoban

24. When he was a kid he got to go back East with his grandmother for like 2 weeks.

25. He still likes watching G.I. Joe and Transformer Cartoons.

26. He went to Hawaii on a scout trip.

27. He is nervous to conduct his first sacrament meeting on Sunday.

28. He does the majority of the laundry.

29. He loves tunnels , caverns, anything underground that he can explore. He love to hike.

30. He is the best husband and father EVER!! He takes such good care of us.

I love you!! Happy Birthday Lance!!!

PS. You have till 10pm tonight to comment to win the giveaway. If you are having a hard time leaving a comment (silly blogger). Send me an email and I will make sure you are entered. Winner will be announced Friday morning.


Anonymous said...

Lance is not shy!

Anonymous said...

Rachel E is not a blogger so the only way I knew how to comment was to be anonymous....makes sense right? *hangs head in shame*

Anonymous said...

Connor absolutely LOVED Lance as a scout leader. I think all the boys did. :) This is Andrea H. and I am not a blogger, either. *head also hangs in shame*

Janalee said...

Happy Birthday Lance!!