Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Fun!!!

So I have had this idea percolating in my head for about a month now. Fluffy just finished preschool last week and Nay Nay will be out for the summer a week from Friday. So normally we only have 3-6 week summers because we are on year round school. However next year we are switching to traditional so we have a whole summer. For those of you unfamiliar with year round you do 45 school days on and 15 school days off. So I now have to entertain a 7, 5 and almost 3 year old through the end of August. Whats a mother to do??

I have mentioned that I am a clutter person. I passed that trait on to my daughters not so cool. So here is the deal I am creating a summer fun jar. In order to pick a activity from said jar their room has to be clean. I am hoping there is enough encentive to keep their room clean (hopefully while teaching them a good habit at the same time :)). So here are some of the ideas that I have to go into my jar but I need some help. Give me your ideas too.

Go to a park not in our neighborhood
Go ride the ponies at Gardner Village
Make homemade taffy
Make popcicles
Get out the slip and slide
Go to This is the Place Park
Make some cookies
Do a craft
Go get an ice cream
Paint a picture
Make a new piece of jewelry
Paint our nails
Pick a toy in the dollar section
Get out the pool
run through the sprinklers
Make some play/salt dough
Play Charades
Play Snorta

That's what I got so far. Help me with some ideas to add to my jar :)


Christina said...

Get dirty and make some mud pies! My kids LOVE when I get dirty with them! I usually HATE getting dirty and they KNOW this...so when I do get my hands dirty with them....they LOVE IT!

We also like finding bugs. I am NOT a bug person either, but we go outside in the summer and turn rocks over and see what creepy crawlies are hiding underneath!!

What is SNORTA?!? :)

Carrie Christina said...

Here are some of the things my kids love doing in the summer: playing with Perler beads (fuse beads), making puppets and having a puppet show, going to the drive-in, oh, the theater in Magna usually has free movies in the summer. These are not new releases. I will be teaching the girls how to sew this summer, so we'll see what they come up with. Last one, the girls also have started making those flower hair clips. Have fun!

Becki said...

Go to the zoo!
Make stamps out of potatoes (Mom cuts patterns, then kids can use finger paint)
Or fingerpainting.
Sidewalk chalk drawing contests
Blowing bubbles
Yard games (hide and seek, sardines, tag,etc)
You have some great ideas, HAVE FUN!

Janalee said...

Tracy Aviary is beautiful and shaded for those hot summer months. Make a bird hunting worksheet or something to go with it and turn it into a learning experience as well. We just went and it was so much fun.

our apraxia journey said...

I like to take the kids to DI.. they can pick out a new toy or book.. that wouldn't really help the clutter out.. but, down the street from there is a little goat farm.. Drake's.. they have a little shop there. We love their chevre cheese on crackers! My kids love it there. Or, go swimming at Kearns Rec Center!

Christy Anderson said...

Take them to the Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point. They have a really fun water feature that all the kids can play in. Better yet, let's go together and you'll get in 1/2 off with my membership!

*Ashleigh* said...

One of our favorite (free and easy) is pulling out the good 'ol sidewalk chalk... trace your bodies and make funny faces and crazy hair on em. I'm going to steal your list now ;D