Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its a Jungle in here???

So NayNay and Sissy want to redecorate their room. They both want some say in how it is decorated. Last time I railroaded them into what I wanted :) Besides they were to young to make such important decisions. So Nay Nay really like giraffes, and Lilly loves baby jaguars. So I am thinking that I should try to incorprate both into their bedroom. When I asked them both separately, if they could decorate their room any way that they wanted they both said "Blue" and both included "Butterflies". So here is my dilema, I am all about the blue but I hesitate on the butterflies because I am afraid they will out grow it really quickly. Neither of them has really shown any interest in butterflies before either.

I don't want hot pink jungle love going on in their room either. I found this bed set that I think I could recreate using the animal print of their choice and a cute blue.
Or go a route something like this.


Anonymous said...

Do the top one :D It's way hott!!! ;D
Love Aubs :D

Krista said...

I'd go with the bottom one, that way you can incorporate any colors you need. Even though an animal print would be really cute, you might find it hard to find other decor that go with it and you might get sick of looking at the print.

Mike and Christy said...

Both are way cute! I agree that the bottom one would probably work better. Another idea, is to make basic colored quilts then add cute accessories. That way, as their interests change, you don't have to re-do the bedset which is usually the most expensive. Good luck on the redo! I wish Lexi would let me redo her purple (already painted when we moved in) princess room.