Saturday, November 6, 2010

Turkey VS. Beef?

About 2 years ago I had to have my gall bladder out because it had gone wonky and started spitting stones out. From my diagnosis to my surgery I had to wait about 2 weeks. They told me to pretty much avoid all fat during that time period. So I made the switch to ground turkey. About 2 months later I mentioned to my husband that he was eating ground turkey instead of beef. He said he didn't like it as well. I told him that he had been eating it for 2 months and hadn't noticed a difference until I pointed it out. Any who... I like to watch the food network and sometimes I hear chefs complain about using ground turkey and how it is an inferior product. I think this is hogwash! It can be dry but with the right (and a little extra) seasonings and not over cooked it is great.
While I haven't shopped for ground beef in over 2 years (not that we havent eaten it I just havent bought it). Every once in a while I price compare it to the ground turkey at Sams Club. The ground turkey is always cheaper. But here is the ketcher (is that a real word?) Ground turkey is only lower in fat if you are buying ground turkey breast or ground white turkey. That is why I buy it at Sams Club, I get ground turkey breast for the same cost as regular ground turkey at the regular grocery store.

So now knowing all this, assuming you didn't know it before, what is your vote? Ground Turkey or Ground Beef? I think you can tell which way I lean.

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Cindi said...

I haven't had ground beef since I was a teenager- I have used ground turkey in place of it since then. Ryan grew up eating beef too- he really likes it but he is good and will eat the ground turkey. My kids have never had ground beef- they have only had ground turkey so far in life..... We are a ground turkey eating family all the way. :)