Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another skirt tutorial :) Broomstick style

So I bet you had all thought that I had given up already on this blog. Nope just got a little busy. We went on vacation and got home and it seemed like it took a week and a half to get caught up from our 3 day break. WARNING: I was lazy during the finishing process of this skirt. Partly due to the fact that this was made for NayNay, and since she has recently decided that skirts are not her thing. She has promised that she would wear this so we will see.....
1- I started out by picking 3 halloween fabrics

2- I cut them into 4 inch strips.

3- I measured NayNay she is 26 inches from hip to ankle, and her waist was 24 inches
4-I cut the first strip to be 15 inches. You will be cutting two of every layer.

5- On the next layer I cut it 17 inches and each progressive layer got about 1 1/2 longer. Remember you are cutting 2 of each.

6- Line up the strips leaving about 3/4 of an inch extra on each end. You will then stitch them together. I did the front (the first set of strips) first, and the back (the second set of strips) next.

7- After you have done both sides they should line up perfectly and you will stitch down the sides (right sides together).

As you stitch down you will kinda go on a diagnal. With each strip you will start farther in and by the time you have reached the bottom you should be at the edge.

This is what is going to make the skirt flare and get wider as you go down. After you have stitched up both sides you will trim off the excess edges.

8-Here is where I got lazy :) Instead of doing a double folded hem I just folded it up and did a zigzag stitch around the bottom.
9- The waist. Here is different way to do an elastic waist band that I didn't do the last time. You will fold the top over about 1/4 inch and press.

Then fold it over again about 1 inch (depending on what size elastic you are using. Stitch most of the way around leave about a 1 1/2 opening. This is where you will feed your elastic through.

10- Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and feed through the opening you left.

Here is another part where I got lazy. I just grabbed a needle and thread and hand stitched the elastic.

It hides right into the waist casing you made, and stitch it down.

Trim your threads and you are finished. To get it wrinkled like a broomstick skirt, wash and instead of throwing it in the dryer, twist it and hang to dry, when it is dry untwist it and you have a broomstick skirt :)

Hopefully if you didn't understand a word I said the pictures will help.

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