Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bed Head

Lainey lately has been waking up with lots of bed head.  Her hair seems to be in an awkward stage anyway as she is growing it back out.  I just took her in for a trim I was hoping that would help.  Not so much.  It seems like even after a shampoo and condition we still have the tangles.  And even with a leave in conditioner it still seems to be stringy and dry through out the day.  So I have been looking into some solutions.  I remembered as a child I had this same problem only my hair was very thin.  Lainey has thick hair.  I remembered that my mom used to have me sleep on a silky pillowcase.  These help to reduce the friction when we rub our heads against our pillows in our sleep.  I also learned that braiding hair before bed can lessen the friction and damage from rubbing our heads in our sleep.  A detangler can also help get the knots out before combing so we lessen the damage caused but combing it out.  I also read about hair conditions in children especially little blond children.  You can read about it here. If you have a child that has this problem or you do hopefully this helps :)

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