Monday, October 3, 2011

Sit a spell.

About a month ago our church sponsored the annual Father and Sons camp out.  I love that weekend because Lance takes the little man out for an over nighter and I get to spend time with my girls.  We started our evening with dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory, which the girls have now dubbed their favorite restaurant.  On the way home I just had a feeling.  I knew if I stopped at the DI (Utah's version of Good Will), I would find something magical.  I was right, I scored an awesome chair and a small lamp that I actually had to dig for it was all tangled  up with parts from a ceiling fan.  Fast forward to today and I have finished the chair's makeover.  So do you want to see??

This chair is up for sale for 30.00
I had acutally decided to leave this lamp its origional color, until I realized that someone had replaced the top electical part with silver and the rest of the lamp was antique brass :(

So it got a coat of Krylon Ivory and a good dose of glaze :)  So this done I had to figure out where to put this little cutie.  The lighting in the living rooms isn't great so I put it on the piano, perfect little piano lamp.


Jane said...

Good job Cari! I love to see your makeovers :)

Ashleigh said...

Fun! You are so good at that... I am a sissy... next time I see something that has potential I'm going to recruit you to inspire me!