Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One of those days...

So today has been one of those unproductive days.  I mean I cleaned up after the meals and kids, but one of those days that has me crawling out of my skin, pull my hair out days.  I have mentioned that I totally have ADD (self diagnosed of course).  I have learned that I self medicate with crafts and projects.  I do have a big one in the works but it was on hold till I decided what color I was painting the bathroom.  So I have decided but the kids put a huge fuss when I wanted to go get the paint tonight.  So I would have something to do while Lance is gone and the kids are asleep.  Perfect time to paint a room right???  I think so, but I gave into their fights to not go.  At this point in time I am almost pacing the house trying to think of something I can work on to give me the feeling of having done something today.  So far I got nothing!!!  So here I sit writing about it so that maybe I can relax and say "I posted on my blog today".  Then hopefully be able to relax or focus and do something.  So if you made it through all of this I thank your for listening to my rant :).  A little glimpse into the insanity that is sometimes my head.

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