Friday, February 4, 2011

Tee-Shirt Refashion

I bought this tee shirt on clearance for 1.74 at Old Navy. I got it home and it was too big, and I was to lazy to take it back, so it sat in my drawer for a few months. I saw some clothing refashions on Tatertots and Jello. I started thinking hmmm...... I have this shirt sitting in my drawer it would be the perfect tester project.

I started thinking what I could use, when I remembered this ribbon I just bought at Hobby Lobby for 2.00. So then I needed to decide how I was going to attach it/do with it. I just got my spring catalog for Down East Basics. I saw this and thought this is perfect!!! So here is what I did.

I cut a length of ribbon and stitched down the center using a long stitch.

At the end of the ribbon I pulled one thread to gather the ribbon.

Then I pinned it to the shirt.
Stitching it down was a little tricky, I just tried to follow the path I had laid as close as I could.

Then I snipped all hanging threads. I then took in the sides to make it fit better.
Don't judge my fat rolls :) They keep me warm in the winter.....

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Insight Eye said...

It looked so cute on you. Fun project!