Saturday, December 11, 2010

Candy part 2

So today totally lived up to my expectations! I really had a blast with my mom, sisters and for a few minutes my 2 of my brothers were there. I am officially an adult! I got to beat the fudge!

Please ignore that the picture of me isn't so great. But I am doing it, as a matter of fact I beat it a little to well and 3 of us had to drop it really fast!!! We made caramel pretzel bites, almond bark, cranberry almond bark, fudge, caramel, pretzel mint patties, cashew cranberry clusters, english toffee, cashew turtles. There was were a few casualties today however, my finger got popped with some extremely hot fudge and it still hurts. Also my mom in her effort to be helping and guiding us on what to do burned 2 batches of chocolate, first one wasn't to bad but the second one there was smoke pouring out of the microwave and the bowl had to be thrown away. We laughed and joked, we talked, What a wonderful day!!!!
My sister Melissa working on the toffee

my Mom tempering the chocolate for the caramel pretzel bites

My darling nephew Renn chilling in his chair while we cooked.

Our taste testers

Lick it Jana I dare you!!!

Almond Bark

Caramel, it took foorrrreeeevvvveeeeerrrrr to cook! Plus I almost ruined it :0/, but it turned out ok in the end :)

I know you are all now jealous of the delish treats that we made today and maybe if you are nice to me I just might share some :)

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Kate said...

I found you! I LOVE that fudge your mom makes. Oh my gosh it's the best on the whole planet. Fun to see some pictures of the process. :)